The joy of cultivating cannabis

The joy of cultivating cannabis! What a wonderful time it is for those passionate about this beautiful plant! For the last 12000 years, according to Robert Clarke’s Cannabis: evolution and ethnobotany, humans have seen this plant as part of mankind’s development. It is for the generations of farmers before me that I give thanks for developing this plant into what we have today.

Growing up in Agriculture

I have grown up involved in agriculture with both sides of my family. We have operated large acreage farms, one of them being a homestead that has operated consecutively for 110 years. I have always loved working on the family farms (I was born on one). But I found my spark in agriculture about 4 years ago when I started my first vegetable garden.

Working with Cannabis

I learned the ins and outs of the cannabis plant at a large scale cannabis cultivation facility in Washington state. Let me tell you, I am passionate about this plant! And the joy of cultivating cannabis!

I have always appreciated digging shades of purple, red, and russet potatoes and seeing genetic variation; I love shucking corn at the end of the season and seeing beautiful big kernels and bright tassels. And while I could give endless other agricultural analogies, no plant exhibits such beautiful genetic variance like cannabis. The complex ranges of aromas, effects on the body, and even the beautiful shape and form of the flowers are so different that every plant is unique.

The plant is a heavy feeder. But when given the correct range of nutrients, it grows with an explosion that I have not seen in other plants before. They soon tower over my head. As the “girls” pack on flowers, the complex aromas of sugar, gas, pepper, and lemon peels fills my nose immediately upon walking into the grow rooms in the morning. I have learned so much about cultivation from this plant. And so it will continue to improve me with every day I spend with the plant.  Every single day I give thanks to be able to cultivate this plant that I am truly passionate about. 

Working at Oregonic Farms

And it is this passion that is shared by all members of our team here at Oregonic farms. For us this is not just a job, this is a way of life. I say often to my team, “what was good enough for yesterday is not good enough for today.” Every day we strive to achieve our goals in cultivation, and in turn, the plant helps to cultivate us! I can truly say we are blessed to have passionate individuals on our team. It is this teamwork, communication, and cooperation that allows us to get so much done. The collective knowledge of our team, combined with the passion to improve, is what allows us to bring you high-quality cannabis. Yes, Year-round, too.

Looking to the future

For myself, this is just the beginning. We are pioneering an industry. As a young person, I feel so truly blessed to be doing something so grandiose and progressive. As cultivators like myself work every day to improve our cultivation efforts, so too will the scientific knowledge of cannabis improve. Very soon we will understand this plant to a whole new extreme that we currently cannot fathom. 

We will always strive to bring you the highest quality product possible. When I arrive at the farm there is no other option than giving my all to take care of these plants. It is for this opportunity that I thank you for choosing Oregonic Farms cannabis. My dream is to make this a continuing reality.

Thanks for choosing Oregonic!  Sincerely, Zach 

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