Welcome to Oregonic Farms

Welcome to Oregonic Farms. Our Mission began in 2017 with a desire to provide Oregon with top-shelf, premium, craft cannabis flower. We believe in the incredible health and wellness you can only get from sustainable, all-natural products grown with quality and care.


Our founders chose to settle in the Columbia River area, on an old quail farm, where the air quality is better and the culture is focused yet relaxed. Clatskanie, Oregon is a small town with a big sense of community. At Oregonic Farms, every harvest is imbued with a hint of the area’s history. In 1805, Lewis and Clark passed through the Clatskanie area on their way to the Pacific Ocean; we like to think we’re channeling their pioneering spirit in an industry that’s new, exciting and developing!


At Oregonic Farms, we use the best indoor cultivation techniques to grow our flower. Unquestionably, our close-knit team develops a premier product because everyone gives their best. So, we maximize efficiency while producing the very finest plants, with minimal impact on the great outdoors. By using a proprietary hydroponic growing method, we’re able to recycle our water, create virtually no waste, and provide consistent and measurable nutrients. We’re very proud of that.

Bringing our best. Craft indoor-grown flower.

We’ve developed strict guidelines for growing, harvesting, trimming, curing and storing to ensure a consistent, high quality, craft flower. All operations happen in house, including hand trimming. Every effort is made to insure a top shelf quality product. We’re proud of that, too.