Who we are

Oregonic Farms. First, we are proud to be pioneers and contributors to the cannabis industry in Oregon. Our goals are education, experience, attention to detail and transparency.

Farm to Customer, CRAFT Cannabis

The end result is a premium-grown, authentic, farm to customer, CRAFT cannabis flower for the Oregon market. We are located on the rich soil banks of the Columbia River that provide the ideal growing environment for this very special plant. Along the same river the early pioneers, Lewis and Clark, followed on their way to the Pacific Ocean. We like to think we are carrying on with their pioneering spirit. Every day we enjoy the clean, crisp, CO2 rich air that nourishes our plants and us, too.

Farming is part of the land here, having been a quail and pheasant farm started in the early 1980s. In 12 buildings, wildlife was raised for the enjoyment of the community. We have revitalized those buildings and converted them into state of the art cannabis growing facilities,

We still have visitors show up today. Chinese pheasant.

Who we are: Oregonic Farms

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