Nursery Rhymes: Growing Cannabis

Nursery Rhymes: Growing Cannabis
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Nursery Rhymes: Growing Cannabis.

A poem by Evan Garner

Waiting quiet and patient until the dawn,
while I awaken and arrive with a yawn- the
mothers and young thirst with delight as
the ph and EC meters put up a fight.

Mother plants yearn to grow tall and proud!
Though atop dually node’d, so not to crowd
the future generations of flowers to be- so
healthy and prosperous, and create THC.

Keeping eyes peeled for pests and such,
because we love our plants so much-
plant health is key and number one, IPM
sprays and drenches get it done!

Cuttings are taken from mothers so fine, carefully nursed
until down the line, they mature and flower, or become
mothers of their own- continuing the cycle until a time

Nursery Rhymes: Growing Cannabis

If you are interested in learning to grow cannabis, please check out the following link: Beginners Guide to Growing Marijuana by PotGuide

By Evan Garner, Nursery Manager

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