Cannabis History in Oregon.

History of Legalizing Cannabis in Oregon.

In 1973, Oregon became the first state to decriminalize cannabis. The Oregon Decriminalization Bill of 1973 abolished criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. The actual use of marijuana in private, and being under the influence of marijuana, became non-punishable offenses under Oregon law. However, public use and also driving under the influence of intoxicants were still punishable offenses.

In 1998, Oregon State legalized Medical Marijuana through a ballot. As a patient who has struggled with Crohn’s disease from a very young age, I have utilized marijuana for medical purposes for many years. I was one of the very first Medical Marijuana Patient Card Holder in the State of Oregon. This was an absolute victory for me in my quest for plant-based healing legally! Oregon has been the front runner in Advocating for Marijuana legalization and cultivation. I have been an advocate of legalizing cannabis for many years and I’m proud to be an Oregonian!

Recreational Use allowed.

In 2014, Measure 91 was approved and it legalized marijuana for non-medical cultivation and use. Some days, I just have to pinch myself to make sure this is real. My entire life has been surrounded by cultivating, advocating and encouraging education on our Endocannabinoid system and the health benefits of cannabis.

In Jan 2016, the State began receiving licensing applications for the production, processing, and sale of marijuana. Oregonic Farms applied and received their licensee in Sept 2017. We have been growing ever since.

Oregonic Farms began with the goal of being a premium, craft cannabis product by supplying the most natural, holistic flower on the market. We grow for the CBD market as well as the THC market, with a very robust research & development program. We hope you get a chance to try us out. Please ask for us by name: Oregonic Farms. Thank you for your support.

Anita Baldwin, Metrc/Admin, Oregonic Farms.

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