Cannabis and I.

My personal experiences.

I have an autoimmune disease. Crohn’s Disease. But there is scientific evidence that Cannabis benefits people suffering from Crohn’s Disease specifically. Without a doubt, Cannabis consumption has been a game-changer for me. I’ve been able to work full time long after my diagnosis of being in a wheelchair at my age!

Many people out there suffer on a daily basis from chronic illnesses. Being able to offer an alternative to Big Pharma is a passion of mine! Plant-based healing has been used for many centuries. Since receiving my medical marijuana card in 1998, I have continued to improve my quality of life.

Terpenes are the components in cannabis that offer healing.

More personal healing.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer and spent most of the year healing from major surgery. The only relief I was able to find was through cannabis consumption. And thankfully, due to legalization, there are many different forms of cannabis derivatives. These all played an integral part in my healing process.

When I was able to go back to work, I found barriers to finding a job. Why? Because there is still a stigma against cannabis use. Pre-employment drug testing prevented me from qualifying for so many jobs! It’s frustrating to have this powerful plant help in positive ways with my illnesses, and yet hinder me in employment. Without it, I am unable to get through a day without taking a handful of pharma pills. The pills that had a lot of side effects. So what did I do? I focused on finding a job within the cannabis industry!

Working in the cannabis industry.

And so I did. In addition, it is exhilarating to work full time in the cannabis industry.

I started out in the nursery here at Oregonic Farms. You could say I was pretty “green” to the whole cultivation of cannabis. I’m now in an industry that was directly related to my healing and what was a personal passion of mine! Every day is a new challenge and we continue breaking barriers in our industry. The team is focused on learning new techniques and implementing change! There is a positive and dynamic atmosphere full of positive energy here at the farm. We and our Mom’s thrive on it!

We are passionate about our flower and take great pride in what we produce. It is an environment open to new ideas. The time our team spends discussing how to cultivate the best flower in the craft cannabis industry is invigorating. In conclusion, Cannabis production ignites my passion. I continue to educate myself on a daily basis in hopes that I can bring relief to people suffering.

The next time you are in a dispensary and looking for the best craft cannabis flower grown with love, passion, and dedication, make sure you ask for Oregonic Farms! I know 2020 will be our best year yet and I look forward to each day on the job!

Every day is such a priceless gift and how fortunate am I to be living my dream in this revolutionary industry!

Anita Baldwin, Metrc/Admin, Oregonic Farms.

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