5 things you didn’t know about Oregonic Farms.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Oregonic Farms.

First: We were a former Quail Farm.

Oregonic Farms was the former home to a bustling quail farm. Many of the buildings that have not been repurposed were used as quail nurseries complete with warming rooms and equipment for the egg incubation operations. There was a total of 12 – 4,000 square foot buildings and a processing facility. By some reports, there were as many as 30 fulltime employees, tens of thousands of birds and a staffed USDA office. To this day we see the “birds that got away” that populate the pastures and fields. Without a doubt, they are quite beautiful birds and make lots of noise when they take flight.

Welcome to Oregonic Farms
Welcome to Oregonic Farms

#2: Lewis & Clark stopped here.

For you history buffs, the famous explorers’ Lewis and Clark spent time here in Columbia County. They set up camp here in November of 1805 on their way to the Pacific Ocean. On their return in 1806, they camped here on the banks of the Clatskanie River / Beaver Slough close to where our farm is located. In their writings they commented on the difficulty finding solid ground.

For more info on Lewis & Clark’s journey through Oregon, please visit Tripsavvy’s page:

#3: We are surrounded by nature.

Oregonic Farms land is located within the designated “Lower Columbia Water Basin” and within the Clatskanie River/ Beaver Slough flood plain. Many species of fish are protected, and therefore, harvesting is highly regulated along the Columbia and Clatskanie Rivers. These species include Chinook salmon, Steelhead, Coho and Chum. Additionally, the area is rich and abundant with waterfowl, birds, deer, otter, beaver, and nutria. An interesting phenomenon we have observed at the farm, is the presence of thousands of frogs in the middle of winter and rainbows are almost a daily occurrence. And we see hundreds of varieties of mushrooms growing wild in many areas of the farm.

#4: We have water everywhere.

Clatskanie has over 70 miles of wonderful calm water in the Clatskanie River, and Columbia County enjoys the longest stretch of the Columbia River in the State of Oregon.

Finally, #5: We recycle our water.

Water is indeed a precious natural resource and it’s hard to believe considering we are a few thousand feet from one of the largest rivers in North America. And, have a very high water table underneath our farm but we constantly learn new ways to manage and conserve. Consequently, we developed a system to recapture condensate from our dehumidification and heating/cooling systems allowing us to reduce our water resource consumption by 50%!

Oregonic Farms office
Rainbow over OF office

So, these are the 5 things you didn’t know about Oregonic Farms. Now you know a little more about us.

*Bonus thing to know

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