Archive Flower

These are strains we have grown in the past. Possibly they will be brought back at some point in the future.

Orange Cookie Mac

Orange Cookie MAC

Former Dope Cup Winner MAC offers a strong aroma of sweet citrus that closely resembles a fresh tangerine that gives way to deep calming body effects that mingle with a euphoric cerebral buzz leaving you happy and relaxed.

(MAC x Orange Cookie)

Wizards Glue

A Staff Favorite! And we are excited to share this sativa dominant cultivar. A strong, head high that creeps up on you, lasts a few hours and ends with a euphoric body high. Large, brownish greens flowers that are reminiscent of the Glue strain flavors.

(Original Glue x Allen Wrench)

trunk funk

Trunk Funk

Another staff favorite!! These dense sticky nugs, with a strong smell
of pine and earth, end with sweetness that enhances a relaxed and happy
feeling. We’ve been told it helps with stress, depression, anxiety and pain.

(White Tahoe Cookies x Dosido)


This former Canada Cup Champ is an Indica-dominant hybrid,
which is perfectly balanced in its effects. It’s a smooth smoke with a soothing heavy high and has been known to help many medical patients with a
variety of symptoms

(Skunk x Unknown)

OG Crasher

a powerful strain from outstanding genetics, this flower is slightly leaning toward indica.  It has aromas of flowers, citrus, and hops.  It has anti-inflammatory properties and may reduce pain.

(OG Kush x Wedding Crasher)

Tang Breath

A sativa dominant hybrid, with strong tangerine citrus notes, enhancing the smooth cookie flavors. This leads to a powerful body high, that creeps up on you. The benefits tend to be mood enhanced happiness with a very social buzz. Can also help with chronic pain and discomfort. Sounds just about perfect!

(Tropicana Cookies x Mendo Breath)

Cherry Chem

Cherry Chem

an indica dominant hybrid that packs a pungent chemical flavor with a notable hint of fresh berries upon inhale and spicy cherry candy upon exhale. Known for its relaxing effects

(Chemdawg BX3 x Cherry pie)

Citrus Sap

A Gorilla Glue sativa dominant hybrid, incredibly unique in that it brings on both couchlock and mental stimulation, ending in a full-bodied high with the taste of citrus and earthy nature.

(GG4 x Tangie)

Clatskanie Hammer

Another indica dominant in nature. Fruity and sweet and expect the couchlock to come on strong and keep you there for a while.

 (Williams Wonder x Chemdawg) 


Chocolate Grape Diesel

This cross is true to its name in its flavor profile with undertones of grape and chocolate. A tasty bedtime treat that will have you feeling completely relaxed and sleeping all through the night.

(Grape Diesel x Chocolate Kush)