7 gram Milled Flower Package

What is this? We are pleased to announce a convenience package of perfectly milled 100% flower, ready to roll. Or maybe you’re tired of sticky fingers? Isn’t it nice to conveniently roll one, without having a grinder around. Save some for later? It’s resealable.

The Grab and Go Fresh Flower is a really simple answer to our busy lives. All fresh, top-shelf flower, never any shake or trim, just the goodness and freshness Oregonic Farms is known for. Freshness date printed right on the label.

Our freshness is printed on the label.

Yes, we are required to print it on there, but we’re delighted for you to know it’s fresh flower, harvested and cured like all of our top-shelf flower. It is perfectly milled for rolling ease.

Easy carrying for outdoor activities

Going hiking? No problem. Going for a walk? No problem. Toss in your backpack and go!

Hey! No grinder, no problem!

One less thing to carry around. Save that room for other stuff, like snacks and drinks.

Ready to roll!

Where can you find convenience like this….We hope you enjoy!